Rehearsing for Just So

Here are some photos from rehearsals of Just So:

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  1. Looks good!
    Cant wait to come and see it!
    Good Luck!

    Lots of love

  2. Loved Just So!
    Looked like you all had lots of fun!

    ‘Do the Parsee Cake Cake-Walk walk
    But Walk the Parsee Cake way
    Straight sided and Loose bottomed
    And thats just the Baking tray’

    hehe love it!
    Did you take any pictures of the performance? If yes cant wait to see them!!!


  3. Yes, photos from the performance are on their way!

    We’ll put the photos on here as soon as they are available.

  4. Some photos from the performance are now available:

  5. Production photos look great!!!
    Really enjoyed the show! (no surprise there then!)

    Especially well done to the band! They did a fantastic job in a very short space of time!!!

    Well done everyone!!!


  6. So technically this doesn’t have anything to do with the photos (which are fab by the by!)

    But you should SOOO! set up a forum! – then we can talk about the plays without leaving 100s of comments on the photo pages etc. you could set up some sort of voting system thingy (technical term! 🙂 ) so we could vote who we thought was the best actress/actor/musician etc for that play/musical!

    Just a couple of ideas! to get more people commenting and stuff…


  7. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for the ideas on the forum. I’ll have a look into it and see what we can do. It’s been a year since this site went up and I think it’s due a bit of tlc and a revamp to make it easier to use.

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