Dec 24 Choir

The part learning CDs accentuate a particular vocal line (Soprano, Alto or Men)  – but if you would like to hear a recording of the pieces as sung with the parts equal, here they are. The numbers refer to the number of the piece in the list in the vocal score.  Because of time constraints, we will not be singing all the items in the vocal score (this year, anyway!) just those below.

Left click to listen, right click and “save as” to download to your digital device.
01 Listen to the Story_SAB
02 I Hear the Prophet_SAB
03 The People Who Walk_SAB
05 Rockin Slow and Easy_SAB
06 There in the Same Country_SAB
08 Go Tell It_SAB
10 A Star Rising_SAB
11 I Hear the People_SAB


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