June 24-25 1998; Two performances

Before the performance on Saturday June 25th, we had a birthday party tea and welcomed back past members to join the cast and crew.

Due to popular request, the programme consisted of many old favourites from our past shows, and a specially written miniplay “The S-Files” by our own David Pinwell.

1.         Tension  (from Follow the Star)
2.         Hymn (A Joyce Grenfell monologue)
3.         I am the greatest (from Make Me A World)
4.         We done a project on it (from our variety shows)
5.         School days
6.         The young generation (from Born For Us All)
7.         Choral Society (A song written by Joyce Grenfell)
8.         S-Files (story and dialogue specially written by David Pinwell)
                        Music: I want to dance tonight and  Superheroes (from Whizz Kid From Aus)


9.         Oliver!
10.       Top Hat 
11.       I remember it well (Kate and Bill reminiscing)
12.       I know him so well (from Chess)
13.       Jerusalem blues (from Singing Dancing Carpenter)
14.       Chorus time (A lament from the members of the chorus written by Bob Kelcher)
15.       Monologue (a special appearance from story teller Vic White)
16.       Guy that gets the girl (from Dazzle
17.       Greasers’ gavotte (from Dazzle)
18.       Angels (from Whistle Down the Wind)
19.       Finale (a selection of our favourite songs including the gospel section!)

We also produced a souvenir programme with anecdotes from past chairmen, and photographs of productions.

The programme listed the names of 173 different actors who had appeared in SMASH productions.  It was a delight to note that SMASH had included many families and people of all ages working together.

A special feature was a section on our unsung backstage heroes – the names of over one hundred who had helped behind the scenes were acknowledged.