The Railway ChildrenSMASH’s  performed a musical version of the very popular story, The R ailway Children at the Dovehouse Theatre on 24th-27th March 2010.

 This new musical by Julian Woolford and Richard John recounts the adventures of three children over one summer when they have to move to the country as their father is wrongfully arrested. It  features heartfelt ballads, stirring choral numbers and tuneful melodies.

Our cast of 47 (and our audiences!) really enjoyed this show which has something for everyone.


from the technical rehearsal. Click on a thumbnail to see the full picture

Photographs courtesy of Bill Penny
(except photographs 4, 10, 14, 19 and 22 from Boot Ellis)

Reactions from the audience (received by email)

“I cried in both halves and not just at “Daddy, my daddy!” Bobby was soooooooooo good. Phyllis was “such a darling.” Perks and the Old Gentleman just as they should be. Mother was emotionally mature and sang so well. All the children in Posh Talk were assured, confident and acting their socks off.”

“It was great. I loved the big end to the first half where the children stop the train. The music, shouting, waving and train noise all built up the excitement excellently. What a great success!”

“Not sure what we were impressed with more – the children, costumes, music and singing or the train coming through the tunnel. The work leading up to and behind the scenes is unseen but without it, it wouldn’t be such a professional production. Well done to all involved.”

“The acting, singing, choreography, music, costumes and scenery, were all superb. The three main children’s characters gave a performance worthy of professionals. They were so natural and didn’t put a foot wrong all evening. Completely endearing. It could have been a West End show. Even the programme was beautifully presented.”