Here are mp3 audio files from the dress rehearsal for you to enjoy and revise our version of Joseph.

Click on the arrow on the left to play directly from this site; adjust the volume at the right hand side of the black bar by hovering over the speaker icon, clicking and holding the bar which appears and then dragging it. For your personal use only, right click to download the mp3 file to your digital device. For copyright reasons the files must not be given to anyone else or posted elsewhere.

The title of the audio file is directly under the black bar. If you can’t see it on a phone please try turning the phone sideways on!

The recordings were made from a single microphone at the back of the auditorium. Sorry but only part of the Megamix could be recorded – space on the recording media ran out.

Act One

01 Prologue and Any Dream Will Do
02a Jacob and Sons
02b Joseph’s coat
03 Joseph’s dreams
04 Poor poor Joseph
05 One more angel in heaven
05a Hoedown
06 Journey to Egypt
06a Potiphar
07 Close every door
08a Go go go Joseph – prison section
08b Go go go Joseph – disco and reprise

Act Two

09 Young people Entr’acte – recount the story so far
10 A Pharaoh story
11a Poor poor Pharaoh
11b Song of the King (and reprise)
12 Pharaoh’s dreams explained
13 Stone the crows
14 Those Canaan days
15 The brothers come to Egypt/Grovel grovel
16 Who’s the thief?
17/18 Benjamin calypso/Joseph all the time
19 Jacob in Egypt
20 Any dream will do/finale
21 Megamix (part)