The first audio file is of the complete song as we will sing it, followed by audio files to learn your particular part. The title tells you from which bar in our song book the file begins.

Any dream will do

Any dream will do – CD recording
Any dream will do – upper parts bars 30-40
Any dream will do – lower parts bars 30-40

Jacob and sons

Jacob and sons – CD recording
Jacob and sons – upper voices upper part (bar 29-end)
Jacob and sons – upper voices lower part (bar 29-end)
Jacob and sons – lower voices upper part (bar 29-end)
Jacob and sons – lower voices lower part (bar 29-end)

Joseph’s coat

Joseph’s coat – CD recording
Joseph’s coat – upper voices upper part bar 1- end
Joseph’s coat – Young people and upper voices lower part: bar 1 -end
Joseph’s coat lower voices upper part bar 19-end
Joseph’s coat lower voices lower part bar 19-end

One more angel in heaven

One more angel in heaven – CD recording
One more angel – brothers top line bar 18-end
One more angel -brothers bottom line bar 18-end


Hoedown – dance and song

Close every door to me

Close every door – CD recording

A Pharaoh story

A Pharaoh story – SMASH recording
A Pharaoh story sopranos bar 4 – end
A Pharaoh story altos bar 4 – end

Song of the King

Song of the King – CD recording
Song of the King – sopranos
Song of the King – altos
Song of the King- tenors
Song of the King – basses

Benjamin Calypso

Benjamin Calypso – CD recording
Benjamin calypso – Young people (1&2) bar 27 – end
Benjamin calypso – women upper voices bar 27 -end
Benjamin calypso – women lower voices bar 27-end
Benjamin calypso – men upper voices bar 1-end
Benjamin calypso – men lower voices bar 1- end

Go go go Joseph

Go go go Joseph – CD recording
Go go go Joseph Young people: bar 1 -end
Go go go Joseph upper voices – bar 1-end
Go go go Joseph middle voices – bar 1 -end
Go go go Joseph lower voices – bar 1 to end