By John Gardiner and Andrew Parr
27th-30th March 1996 (five performances)

A musical space-tacular for all the family.

Dazzle is a parody of Star Trek and charts the voyage of Starship Sunburster One on its highly important first mission under the control of dashingly handsome (and doesn’t he know it!) Captain Sam Galactic. Ordered by the President of Homeworld (Sekurikor) to transport his daughter, Dazzle Star, to her finishing school, unfortunately she is kidnapped by Slimebag the Haemorrhage, an Irish Astral Pirate!

We meet a host of amazing characters including Big Olga, the Bolshies, the Slimeys and endure a time warp back to the 1960s where Sue Zuki and the Greasers are waiting. Of course, all is well at Journey’s End.

Dazzle was particularly chosen for our very talented teenagers and the audience loved every minute! Some more senior members found the space jokes a little perplexing but enjoyed the youthful exuberance of the cast. Some older members played the part of Greasers.